Mission & Vision

The Smyth County Economic Development Authority is a local government agency serving the County residents by carrying out the Board of Supervisors’ vision and policies for economic development in Smyth County.

The Authority’s mission is to improve the quality of life throughout Smyth County by encouraging positive economic growth that:

  1. Creates meaningful career opportunities for County residents
  2. Expands the commercial tax base to support the delivery of vital public services, and
  3. Works to promote and enhance the County citizens quality of life

Strategies to Accomplish the Mission:

  • BUSINESS RETENTION & EXPANSION: Expand business retention and expansion programs which support the viability and growth of companies already in Smyth County.
  • BUSINESS ATTRACTION & MARKETING: Implement business attraction and marketing efforts to attract new businesses to Smyth County by marketing the community to site consultants, corporate real estate executives and prospective businesses.
  • ENTREPRENEURIAL DEVELOPMENT: Our close relationship with the Smyth County Chamber of Commerce fosters entrepreneurial development activities and supports the startup and growth of new businesses in Smyth County.
  • WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT: Create local workforce development initiatives to strengthen the local labor force that match the needs of Smyth County industries.
  • COMMUNICATIONS & OUTREACH: Create a communication and outreach plan to inform County residents, promote Smyth County’s projects, and showcase community growth.