Smyth County EDA members

The Economic Development Authority (EDA) of Smyth County is the primary organization responsible for industrial development within Smyth County, including the development of publicly-owned industrial parks and financing assistance for the attraction of new or expansion of existing industry within the County. The EDA is composed of a seven member Board of Directors appointed by election district by the Smyth County Board of Supervisors for four year terms. The EDA is supported by the Smyth County Community and Economic Development Department.

Vacant Seat
North Fork District
Julius Winebarger
Park District
Amy McVey
Saltville District (Vice Chair)
Karen Copenhaver
Royal Oak District
James McNeil
Atkins District
Tara French
Chilhowie District
Montie Fleshman
Chairman (no image available)

For more information contact:

Kendra Hayden, Director of Community & Economic Development
Phone: (276) 706-8304