The opportunities are endless in Smyth County

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Nestled in the heart of Southwest Virginia, along the I-81 corridor, is a place with beautiful views, friendly communities, award-winning teachers, quality education, and the most caring, hard-working people you’ll ever meet. Not only is Smyth County a well-rounded place to live and an attractive place to invest, but it is also an exciting and vibrant place to visit. The opportunities are endless in Smyth County, Virginia!

If you are a new business or resident, we are delighted to have you! There are many advantages and benefits that come with being in Smyth County.

The Growth of Your Business...Is Our Business!

Smyth County is proud to boast a low cost of doing business. Businesses who call our area home draw their employees from a skilled, hard-working labor pool while simultaneously benefiting from low worker’s compensation outlays, unemployment tax burdens, utility costs, and building costs that are substantially lower than state and national averages. Read on to find out how Smyth County will go beyond your expectations.

Smyth County is located in scenic Southwestern Virginia in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and covers 452 square miles.  Centrally located on the East Coast, this rural community is within a days drive of 2/3 of the U.S. population and a quick 45-minute drive of the Tri-Cities Metropolitan Area of Bristol, Kingsport and Johnson City, Tennessee with almost 500,000 persons. Because of its geographic location in the Appalachian Ridge and Valley Region, the county experiences four distinct and spectacularly beautiful seasons with moderate temperatures prevailing. Interstate 81, which bisects the county, provides easy access to I-77, I-26, and I-64.



We work diligently to help to provide for the needs of our citizens, yet strive to protect them from excessive tax structures so individuals can make the investments they need and spur on economic growth from the grass roots.   

Smyth County believes that workforce development means focusing on people.  We understand that in order to enhance our community and region, there needs to be an interconnected set of training and development to meet the ever-changing employment needs.

Smyth County’s businesses can benefit from Local Enterprise Zone perks, Tobacco Region funding and Virginia Commonwealth incentives.

The already low costs of permitting and licensing in Smyth County are further offset by rebates and reductions for qualifying businesses.

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Let’s Get There Together. Smyth Strong is a partnership combining the efforts of multiple agencies serving Smyth County whose aim is strengthening small businesses in the region. 

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Pathway Park
Pathway Park offers 70 acres of graded and padready greenspace for a build-to-suit project. The site is rated a Tier 4 through the Virginia Business Ready Sites Program and offers all necessary infrastructure for a successful project.
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